CH CT Patch Mtn C Pepper N Paisley RE OA OAJ NF OAP OJP RD CPC PAC
Canadian TDX AG.N AG.N.J

(CH Paisley Pragmatic x CH Paisley PatchMt Amazing Grace CD NA RD ROMX)

That special heart dog ... always the best in every way ... gone but never forgoteen  - Carina .

She is one of a very select group of Dalmatians to have achieved her Champion Tracker title, and the only one with Agility and Road Dog titles.  Still active, we plan to continue
to add titles, while being the best trail riding buddy there is.
Carina as an Obedience Dog

RN - Rally Novice
RA - Rally Advanced
RE - Rally Excellent
Carina as an Agility Dog

American Kennel Club Agility Titles:

NA - Novice Standard
NAJ - Novice Jumpers With Weaves
NF - Novice FAST (Fifteen and Send)
NAP - Novice Standard Preferred
NJP - Novice Jumpers With Weaves Preferred

OA - Open Standard
OAJ - Open Jumpers With Weaves
OAP - Open Standard Preferred
OJP - Open Jumpers With Weaves Preferred
Open FAST - 1 leg

Canadian Kennel Club Agility Titles:
AG.N - Novice Standard
AG.N.J - Novice Jumpers With Weaves
Carina as an Tracking Dog

American Kennel Club
TD - Tracking Dog
TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent
VST - Variable Surface Tracking Dog
CT - Champion Tracker

Canadian Kennel Club
TD - Tracking Dog
TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent
Carina as an Road  Dog

RD - Dalmatian Club of America Road Dog
Dalmatian Club of American Recognition

CPC - Champion Performance Certificate
PAC - Performance Achievement Certificate
Carina in the Whelp Box

Carina produced one litter - bred to

CH Highland's Flying High Again - her most notable kids are:

BISS AM/Can GCH CH CT Blackthorn Coreopis of PatchMt RE BN OA NAJ BN RD Can TDX

AM/Can CH Blackthorn Violet of PatchMt Am/Can TDX NA OAJ (owned by Linda McSherry)

BIS/BISS AM/Can CH Blackthorn's Flower Power  (owned by Bertha Little)

BISS CH Black Thorn Lucas' Legend RE NAJ THD CGC TDI  (owned by Dawn Eliot-Johnson)

CH Dapper Dan's Dancing at Blackthorn RE MX AXJ  ASCA CD    (owned by Ronnie Schoelzel)

Blackthorn's Sweet Sir William (owned by Paula Bruckner)
Carina Health Certifications

CHIC#: 43941
OFA Good Hips
Elbows Normal
BAER Bilateral
CERF clear
DNA on file
Carina at a Christmas Party
Carina and Corey
dancing for
Responsible Pet
Care Charity Show